January 21-27, 2013

January 21-     4 to 7 pm   Marvel Fate RPG

January 22-     6pm   MTG: Pauper Standard  Build a deck using only commons and uncommons from the current standard blocks.  Entry is $2.  This event will be fun so make sure you join us!!

January 23-      Only 2 weeks left until the start of the next season for D&D Encounters.

January 24-       7pm Board Game Demo:  Dominant Species

January 25-       6:30pm  Free FNM Standard Format

Midnight-  The first of our Gatecrash PreRelease events!!!  $30 entry for this sealed event.

January 26-       Open Gaming until 3 pm.

5pm-   Gatecrash Sealed PreRelease.  $30 Entry.

January 27-        Noon-   Gatecrash Sealed 2 Headed Giant.  $30 Entry.



January 14- January 20, 2013

January 14-       4-7pm   Marvel Fate RPG   Anyone is welcome, see store associate for details.

January 15-        6pm  MTG: Standard $2 Tuesday

6pm Gamma World RPG

January 17-        7 pm Board Game Demo:  Stronghold

January 18-       6:30 pm Free FNM followed by $12 Booster Draft

January 19-       Open Gaming All Day

January 10 to January 13, 2013

January 10-   7pm Board Game Demo:  Pillars of the Earth

6pm  D&D Next Playtest

January 11-    6:30 pm  Free FNM Standard Format   Followed by $12 Booster Draft

January 12-   1pm   Kaijudo Demo Day:  Kids 8-12 can come learn to play a new card game!!  Each participant up to 20 will receive a demo deck and foil promo card for participating.

Stocking Stuffer special!

While supplies last, we have some great deals on stocking stuffers for the Magic: the Gathering player in your life!!  We also have a great selection of dice, card sleeves, and booster packs (in stock on Friday) to fill up that stocking!

$.50 playsets:

Chalice of Life


Pyreheart wolf


Giant Growth

Annihilating Fire


Deadly Allure

Acidic Slime

Goblin Arsonist

Grisly Salvage


Tracker’s Instincts

Chronic Flooding

Rolling Tremblor

Spectral Flight

Forbidden Alchemy

Prey Upon


$1 playsets


Think Twice

Doomed Traveler


Fiend Hunter

Faith’s Shield


Tribute to Hunger

Reckless Waif

$1.50 playsets

Unburial Rites

Tragic Slip

Strangleroot Geist

$2 playsets

Diregraf Ghoul


Searing Spear

Midnight Haunting

Oblivion Ring

Elixir of Immortality

$3 playsets

Vampire Nighthawk

Intangible Virtue

$5 playsets

Lingering Souls

Upcoming Events


Come play the Star Wars: X-Wing Mini game for your chance to win awesome miniatures of the Millennium Falcon and more!!



Registration starts at 11 am.  $30 entry for this standard event.  1 box of Return to Ravnica will be loaded into the prize fund for every 3 players, max prize fund is one case (6 boxes) of product.  Prizes guaranteed to top 8.



7pm.  We have all the minis, paint, etc you need to try out some new or old techniques.  All participants will receive 25% off all Games Workshop product this night only!!


There’s something for everyone so make sure you check out all of our great events!!

December 24-30, 2012

December 24   Christmas Eve!!  We’re closing at 4pm so we can spend time with our families.

December 25   Christmas!!  We’re closed all day.  Happy Holidays everyone!

December 26  MTG: Standard  6pm  $2 entry

December 27  Board game demo Agricola 7pm

December 28  Free FNM 7pm   $12 Draft to follow

December 29  Open Gaming 7pm

December 17-23, 2012

This month has certainly gotten away from us!!  Here’s next week’s calendar:


December 18

MTG: Standard $2 entry 6 pm

Gamma World 6pm

December 19

D&D Encounters  6pm  Last session for the season.  Next season begins 1st Wednesday in February.

December 20

Board game demo 7pm  Masters of Commerce

December 21

Free FNM 7pm

$12 Draft to follow

December 22

Open gaming 7pm

Holiday Frenzy Tournament

Sign up sheet is at the store.  Call, message, or stop in to sign up.  Entry fee is not due until the day of the event.



November 26-December 2

November 26-  7pm- Warhammer paint night.  Free paintbrush while they last.  We’ll have paint brushes, paint, and models as well as a How to Paint Miniatures book for reference.

November 27-  6pm- MTG:Standard $2 entry.  Prize fund based on the number of players.

November 28-  8pm- D&D Encounters.

November 29-  7pm- Formula D demo.

November 30- 7pm FREE FNM.  Bring your standard deck.

December 1  7pm- Open Gaming.

November 19-25

Novmeber 20-   6pm- MTG: Standard $2 entry fee.  Prizes based on the number of players.  6pm- Gamma World RPG.

November 21-  8pm-  D&D Encounters.

Novmeber 22-  CLOSED.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

November 23-  6pm FREE Friday Night Magic.  Bring your standard deck.  Prize fund based on number of players.

November 24-  7pm- Open Gaming.


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